As much as I’d love to believe the sun shines for us and the moon personifies beauty, I know we’re deluded. A star that burns and a chunk of rock that steals light can’t inspire. Romanticism, that’s what literature has become. What is life but a celebration of perpetual vanity?

60 thoughts on “Metaphor

  1. Tussii great ho, paaji!😅
    I loved it.
    Sometimes, what we don’t have is what we seek in other things
    And sometimes
    What we have is all what we do see in others!
    And both ways, innocent moon and stars are victimized.😅

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  2. A chunk of rock that steals light?!
    😅And I am in love with that little round thing up the sky.. it gives me hope!
    But he steals it for good otherwise the night would have been really boring!😃😄

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          1. Nah, ..I represent none .. just that I feel she’ll be ok…
            she is tough enough to get into a new look every day.. adapting to change … so being called a piece of stone while so many glorify her beauty … guess she’ll be ok ☺️

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  3. What shall remain of life if you take away these little celebrations? It is in these trivial dilusions the true happiness lies. A soft breeze blowing through your hair as if to remind you to breathe, the moon shining bright telling you there’s hope even in the darkest of hour, and so on… Embrace the vanity my friend, come dive into this mirage.

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    1. What you celebrate defines you. Would you celebrate your emotions, life and people or delusions? I enjoy nature but am not foolish enough to proclaim they’re mine or they are a sign of something greater. They exist just like we do.

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