Sometimes I think

We don’t need a saviour. Our failures are pointed at, flaws glorified and suffering, exaggerated. We live in a world where illusions are personalised experiences.

Maybe we need someone who can take the fall; fall for our sins.

92 thoughts on “Sometimes I think

          1. Nopes, most of us are not…N since self-awareness is not a stable hook, but a journey to a positive attitude, even the self-aware ones are continuously learning. Just my😂

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            1. It’s toxic because it’s not an easy goal. Simple! Very few who actually buck up to work on themselves, have it. You seem positive though.😄 And humans cannot resort to pragmatism most of the times. Positivity can improve our rational skills though. Ahaan, maybe it creates a balance now.🌞

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  1. The entire world is an illusion. Forget that, life itself is a illusion that would come to end. That’s good you don’t need a ‘Lady in Shining armor’ to save you!
    But why should someone else take fall of our sins? Isn’t their own failures enough for them?🤔🤔

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