Losing yourself.

The clouds I’ve been staring at this afternoon, all I could catch is a glimpse.

Sometimes I look at the clouds and wonder, are they as lost as I am? My thoughts drift across the sky with the clouds up high.

Then I realise even losing yourself comes at a price.

109 thoughts on “Losing yourself.”

  1. Lost on a sea of tranquil reflection, floating on the ripples of a calm and soothing tide. Optimistic that I will not get that sinking feeling or being washed up on a desolate beach.

    Sometimes being lost can be enlightening and positive. When being lost is a negative aspect we have to look for a quiet place to be lost in happy thoughts.

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            1. No actually nah, yesterday was NEET Examination, so I had duty in school. I was occupied from morning 9 to evening 7.
              This was the longest time I worked ever since Corona happened.

              But as usual I came back home and I read your post and was happy to see clouds and excited to know if it brought rains along.

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            2. So you are specific about when you want rains, I mean either it has to be on Sunday when it’s a day off for you or it has to be when you are free so that you may enjoy it.

              Arey itne instructions deke bheja hi nhi mene baarish ko. Ruko I’ll reframe the instructions. Tab Tak baarish bhejo vapis.

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            3. Guess what Bharath, I know Monday’s are hectic and you must be busy.
              But Inspite your schedule you managed to return back the parcel.

              I mean we have wonderful rains over here. It was sunny from past few days. But since evening it’s raining.

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  2. The clouds look good!🤩🤩 But where do you wanna get looooosssttt?🤔🤔

    O! Clouds of white, clouds of grey, could you please fleet to another place for today?

    Just let this little child have his sunny day, no tears should fall from you hanging up there, so cast away!

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