I’ve had answers; plenty of them.

“What do you want to be?” They asked me. I’ve had answers, man. Didn’t even think twice, “I’ll be the king of the world” and it’d sound right.

Things changed. I had answers, no reasons yet happy; now there reasons and no answers. Am I happy? I wish I knew.

I have grown. Grown tired. Tired as fuck.

111 thoughts on “Changes.”

      1. Don’t ask me that🙆

        If I would have studied, I’d have known if answers I marked were correct or not.
        I was clueless before exam and so am I now.
        The only thing is I am still indifferent. I don’t care what the results will be. I don’t know how it’ll work if I be this weird?

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            1. No no. I won’t.

              Sometimes I feel that’s too much of a respect, sometimes it’s cool though!

              Acha tell me did you read the poem in the link I shared on my blog yesterday? Well, I don’t think so. You tell me now.


            2. But I might sound a little rude when I begin talking like I usually do. If you get offended, I’m gonna fall back to my safe zone and never be the same again okay?
              I didn’t read it btw. I’ll read yours.


            3. I know that Bharath.

              But you too know I am not really okay with people, if I am talking aage se it really means I am comfortable speaking to you.

              But in your case agar Offend hongi to bol dungi. You know I don’t know to shut up in that case😅

              Arey mene isliye bola kyuki I have written it after reading that poem.
              You’ll be able to connect when you’ll read it, pad do ekbaar please.
              Fir me post karu.

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            4. Last time I said something you took it the wrong way and I don’t want it to happen again. I held back since then, that’s when you asked me if something was wrong.
              Aap kardo naaaaa aapka padhlunga


            5. Oh acha, tabhi to I kept asking.
              Mje laga it was sorted after that!
              Confusion tha kuch uske baad🙄

              Just to clear a thing Bharath, you know whenever I talk to Anushka I always talk about you, I always tell her how much I adore you as person.

              But you only say nah, talking to me is like walking a line of control, is that wrong?

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            6. Sorted hai! Even I ask her about you every time we talk, pucho aap. I make it a point to ask how you’re doing.
              I just don’t want to hurt your feelings isliye I keep my distance.


            7. You too sweet to say that!

              Yaa Anushka tell me it all!
              Anushka even told me this someday we’ll make a concall with Bharath and I instantly agreed to her. Inspite the fact that I am not easy talking to males.
              But I know you, you aren’t a stranger to me.
              I also told her we’ll talk someday soon!

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            8. Haina, it’s gonna be fun.
              Anushka says Bharath talks in American Accent. And I am a lover of language and I absolutely adore people who speak fluent English.

              We’ll talk someday soon
              Hmari Anushka free ho kabhi apne online classes se, fir baat karte h


            9. Kabhi kabhi mje lagta h vo jitni busy h, Mai utni hi free hu😂

              But anyways no matter what she always responds to my messages bhale hi late ho par karti zarur h, she keeps enquiring time and again about how I am going. She’s just too good.

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