A writer’s whisper – collab

The inkling in my hand
Seeks refuge,
Urging me to jot it down,
A revolt rages within.
My soul tries to breaks the walls of the dungeon,
It craves to be let out;
The pen is a prison,
Paper is the land far away.
Letting go would mean pain,
There is no liberty without a price;
Writing is evil,
Something that I need to survive.

It kills me slowly.

Everything I write takes a part of me while another bleeds and cries in agony. Blunt words dig in slow and deep, distant voices are suppressed, they weep. I am the darkness in broad daylight; Can you touch my soul now? Am I alive?

Writing is suicide.

In collaboration with Shivangi.

85 thoughts on “A writer’s whisper – collab”

            1. No need of thanks! I’m forgetting telugu words .. Thanks venda is Tamil I think ☺️
              No yaar.. no where close! I have to put more from my pocket for this order. But doing it since they are with us from long

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            2. The past haunts! Started putting my feet in another place. Trading futures and options. Total novice. Less money at risk. Wanna learn.

              Forget me, what’s up with you? Why do I sense some silence?

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            3. I am a known chatter box and literally “chat”ter box. I communicate better in writing n chats than in person I feel.. nothing much here Bharath.. registered for a few online sessions on futures and options trading. That’s new here. That’s it

              I feel what you say! As you might know now, have been there many times! Hectic and monotonous is really not a good feeling. I won’t say ‘hang in there’ but rather “try stepping out”👍

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            4. That’s a full wrong impression that you have .. worked for about 6 years then did nothing but raise babies! 😂
              Opened a cake franchise, sort of lost in it! Good Distribution business, almost losing it.. and you are jealous 😄

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            5. I was stagnant for long long time! 6 years in job and 6 years later. I felt rusted! Starting of business too, if not for hubby’s support I don’t know if I would get the courage then (i would stick to my past of my dad losing in his business and never venture)

              But something will push you for sure! Pain or gain! Or jealousy 😄Just need to keep looking..

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            6. Inertia!! You continue to remain in state of rest or constant motion unless compelled by an external force. That is all it is!
              The external force could be anything. Need to tune ourself. That’s it. For me this is tough. I have all theory. But I hit the rock bottom in emotions very easily. And I get stressed! These last months very really stressful. I struggled.
              I hope things improve for you and you find that change you need. 🙌

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            7. Yess I get that!! I too donno what to do now.
              No will to act, because the rut we are in, is not very uncomfortable yet. It’s dirty, filthy but bearable. Question is how long can we stay so. Days pass, months pass. And for me.. almost a year will pass!

              I’m still not at peace with myself.. got to see if I find something soon

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