I hear crickets, I hear croaking frogs and see cattle graze around. A highway far away catches my eye, it looks like a pathway into the skies. It’s all white and blue up there, uniformity; something uncommon. I notice a group of monkeys walk past me like I didn’t even exist. My ears are whizzing and the lungs crave exhaustion.

I hear thunder. I see lightning. Deafening and blinding; birds rush to their nests, insects crawl into crevices and there I was, amidst this unsettling chaos, finally at peace. I don’t care what home is and where it has gone.

I guess you don’t always need a voice to be heard and it’s not just people that speak.

46 thoughts on “I hear you.

  1. Earth has a song for those who want to listen.

    Bharath your trips are wonderful as can be seen from pictures, I saw the one Anushka sent me the very same day, what a view it was.
    I was delighted looking at the picture, I can imagine how you must have felt from the top.

    And this trek again.
    Wow Man!

    And why are you absent today?
    All good.

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  2. “Amidst this unsettling chaos, finally at peace” the chaos outside helps us temporarily forget about the one inside, giving momentary calmness and peace. That place is beautiful! You actually have so many beautiful places to visit nearby. It was a great read. Often the voices other than people speaking, can be soothing.

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  3. A butterfly flapping its wings can create a tornado elsewhere. If a butterfly could stop fluttering for a while, tornado would go away. There is usually that small event that sets a chain reaction leading to chaos. And awareness of that small event/fact is the key to settling the chaos. I hope this is just for literally composition. If not, I do hope you are taking care of yourself !! Nicely written. TC

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