They keep telling me that I’m getting myself into shit, that I don’t know what can go wrong. Isn’t that what it’s all about though? I have to hurt myself to know pain, exposure builds immunity. I know I can be wrong, I know I can get hurt but damage is better than ignorance, don’t you think?

Every wise wise man was once a fool.

53 thoughts on “I’m foolish.

  1. This is my favorite quote by
    William Faulkner-

    “Given the choice between experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain”
    It goes so apt with what I read in your post.

    It’s always better to be hurt than be ignorant.
    And the last line was outstanding as well!

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  2. My mom always said, I am trying to tell you what not to do so you can avoid all the mistakes and have a better life. I always told her how could I know it’s a mistake without trying it myself? She thinks I am the worst when I don’t listen to her, but I just learn better when I find out it myself! It’s my life, I have to experience it myself to find out what’s it all about! We fall and we learn, we never learn as good if we don’t fall…

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