One by one, they took the stones out from the wound; I got tears in my eyes but I laugh, joke around and make myself at ease. “Whatever gets stuck gives you an infection” they said, still working. I see flesh hanging on my knee, could hardly fold it right. No painkiller was given, they thought I was drunk.

“You’re mistaken” I said “I don’t drink”

“But you handled it like one. Good job.”

Not so bad eh? The cigarettes in my pocket are quiet; they’re good at what they do. My lungs give out a sigh of smoke while I exhale my head. We’ve been taught, given precautions to avoid pain but how do you know it’s pain unless you’ve had it? Time slips like money from torn pocket ends and I still wear the same trouser like I’ve got no choice.

“Whatever goes, goes” I say to myself and give no shits about what comes.

47 thoughts on “Flow.

  1. Pain really can’t be avoided, only tolerated.
    Actually, it comes with its own will and so does it leave. And we can do nothing about it but to live with it.
    Removing the pockets from trousers can help, maybe😅


  2. Ah Bharath. I really love this one. I too dislike pain-killer in certain situations (e.g. dentist for example); sometimes the side-effects or recovery from the meds is worse than from the momentary pain/injury, it seems. Every situation is different. Loved the joining of these two concepts, the showing not telling of one’s “drug of choice” or lack thereof, in each case, shall we say. Loving your writes, these days!!

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            1. Depends-

              If we suffer because of people(which is usually the case)- then let go of them. Once they are out of your hands, they gotta be out of your mind and heart.

              If suffering is physical- May be a paracetamol helps😅

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  3. “Time slips like money from torn pocket ends and I still wear the same trouser like I’ve got no choice.”❤
    Poor guy🥺🥺
    Cigarette are quite in my pocket….you want to light them and keep in your pockets?🤔

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  4. Oh wow, Bharaaaaath. Time slips like money from torn pocket ends and I still wear the same trouser like I’ve got no choice
    This is so beautiful 😍 Sad but beautiful nonetheless.
    Btw how’s your knee 😉
    Also we can maybe pitch in and get you a new pair of trousers 😂

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  5. This is only thing about pain…it demands to be felt and it hurts you even more when you go through something that kills you inside but you’ve to act like it doesn’t bothers you at all.

    Flesh hanging on your knee!!! Bharathhhhhhh!!!!!! You scared me.

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