Dear you

If I took your name, would it save me from shame? My sins laugh at me when I kneel and pray. When convictions suppress conscience, the only solace is faith. Tell me, what sanctifies you? I try to understand and fail. Sometimes, existence is belief and I choose to disbelieve. My wrong questions, their right answers justify your silence, magnify your absence and make me doubt your presence.

I wished, I hoped, I prayed; I’ve asked, I’ve knocked and looked for you, in pain, in vain with guilt and blame. What have I received? What was I shown? What do I believe? Your doors are closed. There is no evil, now I see; there is no good, it’s futile to seek. Whatever it is, rests with me.

Save your grace, I’ll be waiting, if you exist; come meet me in my grave.

40 thoughts on “Dear you

      1. Yeah! I agree.
        Ykw.. I think that if He exists then does He makes any difference between who believes in him and who don’t!
        Every line of this post resonates in my mind.
        Me is fine too.😅

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  1. Woah!!!! Wow!!! ‘If you exist meet me in the grave!! ‘Bharath this is so strong!! I think you should mark these posts in another folder. We can read more and get inspired to write more

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  2. Is grave the only option? What about the scrunity which lies within the soul? It does not need a grave when dead already. It stays inside a walking-dead person. Don’t you think? Grave can only rest what can be burnt and faltered, what’s broken and burnt deep down can procure nothimg from ‘The Grave.’
    I don’t even know what I’m writing lol.

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  3. Ohh my God! But wait, you don’t believe in God, right? That was what this whole thing was about. Faith can be a fickle thing and not many can justify it. Well written, Bharath. But things keep getting darker. How are you?

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  4. “Tell me, what sanctifies you? Save your grace, I’ll be waiting, if you exist; come meet me in my grave.” These lines are just wow! ❤ It is so powerful and impactful! This is one of my favorite work of yours!🤗
    Having a faith is good though!
    “Tera hi main ik saaya
    Tune mujhko banaya
    Main to jag ko naa bhaya
    Tune gale se lagaya”🤭🤭

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