I ate cake today. I tell my friend that.

His face lightens up and lips part, revealing incisors. He’s happy or at least he pretends to be. He thinks I’m happy. I see no point.

Someone I know had died. I was quiet just like I was when I ate the cake.

I see frown on their faces. The calm demeanour pushes me into a state of disquiet. No, I don’t know expect them to dance; why don’t they just acknowledge the fact and be done with drama?? Nobody cares. People die.

It’s just a state of mind.

65 thoughts on “Of cakes and death.

  1. Well never experienced death but losing someone due to sickness ain’t so nice *finger guns* so death is a really hard concept to deal with. I actually wrote a piece about it (the sickness) as closure but never published it.

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          1. It is still expanding, but it’s still finite now.
            Well, literally it’s when an increase of wavelength occurs (not any increase though. It has to be relevant to an “observer” or well it’s a long story 😂)

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            1. Really? You were not up at around 12.30 or 1 or so? Last two days?
              I am asleep too usually, but the past two weeks I’m up! So I check notifications and I got your like at mid night 🤨👻

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  2. You ever get that feeling.. Where someone who love has died and you expect the world to crash down around you, or at least stop and take notice. But it doesn’t. People go on as usual. Life goes on as usual but not for you. You can feel a deafening silence. It’s as if your ears are screaming out from the very strain of blocking out all the noise. You keep staring but you can never process what you’re seeing. It hurts so much that you feel your heart is being crushed by an iron fist… Nobody cares. They didn’t even notice. And it makes you all the more furious and sad..

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