Im just scribbling

They lined them up against the wall, the truth is out and now they fall. All of those bullets, all of those brains, could make the man a corpse with little to care. But the word was out before their blood; the crowd ran out, the anger! The flood!

Life goes faster than the truth they’re after; lies sound safer than what comes later. The smoke from muzzles faded in the drizzle; the deaths were now a rumour; the rumour, a joke, what dies stays dead, what lives, more so.

A flag goes up, another comes down; the man that rose killed the clowns. Voices are chained, silence prevailed;

“It could’ve been worse”

That’s what they said.

I had nothing to write and was just scribbling. Don’t complain if it’s cheap. Read and move on.

45 thoughts on “Im just scribbling”

      1. You need to change your name I cant make it longer smh. Ehhhh kinda but no one uses it 😂 I think in Turkey they do tho. We say Ahlen (very informal Arabic) or Halla (not used as frequently as Ahlen but it depends on the area and it’s still very informal)

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