It rained flowers that evening, filling our lungs with fragrance. Roads covered in colours like dreamland. Trees looked like cotton candy and grass tickled my feet. Oh this was the path I’ve always dreamt of, somewhere new, a place filled with love and hope.

I fucking despise flowers

And I’m glad dreams don’t come true.

70 thoughts on “I’m fine!

            1. I never miss reading your blogs, par kabhi kabhi mje comment karna smaj nhi aata.

              That’s what I said it’s been long that I have commented. Aur Tumhare blogs Roz padne ki aadat h na to it’s like 2 din bhi jyada ho gye….

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  1. There’s a saying that there is always a little pain in “it’s okay”, a little truth in every “just kidding”, and a little “yeah, I am low, but I don’t want to or rather I can’t explain it to you” in every “I’m fine”. Makes me wonder why such a title😅

    Tastes change with experiences. And dreams don’t come true, still sometimes they do. Beware.

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