I’ve changed.

Do I like what I’ve become? No. Do I wish to go back? Hell no! Don’t ask too many questions, don’t ask for directions, I am alive and so are you; cross my path, wave at me and I might wave back.

I’ve changed.

So will you.

29 thoughts on “Times.

  1. I’m not going to be the tourist asking for directions to some weird unknown place. I would rather go into different lanes myself, get lost and find my own path to the oblivious destination, because the journey is the part worth looking forward to; it is the part where you make mistakes and learn the right way. And obviously, wave at people as you pass by them, with a creepy smile 🙂
    I don’t know why I said this 😂 sounds absurd when you read it. Leave it, you’ve probably gotten used to it…

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      1. 🤣
        I’ve realized I give creepy forceful smiles to people I don’t like in my society, and that includes a lot of aunties and uncles, and now I understand why they don’t smile at me back 😂
        Hehe, I’m a good disappointment to myself and those grumpy uncle/aunties 😂

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