I’ve always imagined myself to be good but when I realised the expanse of ‘good’, it had become more evil than it’s supposed to be; The nonexistence of existing convictions left a void that no fabricated morals could fill. A restless search for meaning that began with a disquiet in my heart left me stranded and hysteria set in.

The feathers from fallen angels now adorned the hats of devils, the blood of saints washed the skins of sinners, profanity became virtue and blasphemy, worship. I dare not question, I care not for answers; we’re all here dreaming of freedom, we all die fighting for life.

I quit. Fuck it. All of it.

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  1. Oh c’mon. You can’t quit. As long as you’re breathing, you’re still fighting.

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    1. I can still quit 😂😂


  2. Anushk@ says:

    I can see shades of darkness all over, I guess the season is changing and the Prince of darkness is backk!!!
    And last wali lines is what I call as Bharath’s touch!!

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    1. I’ve always been around 😃


  3. Nawazish says:

    Wow! This is so profound!❤❤

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  4. Quit from? Whatever it is, there’s no way out 😬

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    1. Haha why do you think there’s no way out??

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      1. You don’t quit, that I know. So 🤷🏻‍♀️

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        1. Anything else? 😂😂

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            1. I’m not stuck 😂


            2. Poing. Kbye 🙋🏻‍♀️

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