Insides. -collaboration

A white light takes over the night; I am as cold and dead inside. Shrouded in darkness, I lay and stare at the starless sky, gazing into the past, lost in the dwindling moments. I lose myself for the first time; don’t know what peace feels like, it’s been a while.

A fog descends from north over the hills and I see the sun rise through the clouds like a fallen king who rose to glory. They say winds carry whispers unheard of; a sudden chill goes down my spine.

Treacherous tears escape my eyes; a betrayal of my own flesh. I wish I knew what I want and I know whatever I’m holding on to, I’m holding in vain.

I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me, you see. I become the creator, forging a world, destroying another; I close my eyes, they merge into one and I sleep.

In collaboration with Nawazish zish zish

166 thoughts on “Insides. -collaboration”

  1. How do I praise this?

    First para last two lines are Wow simply wow.
    Than comparison of sun with the glory of fallen king. This is incredible, very different than usual similes.

    I’m holding in vain leaves me dumbstruck. It’s so relatable.

    Last stanza is show stealer.
    Excellent work Bharath and Zish, you should definitely do more of it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know why but I was smiling reading this since morning 😊

        I wanted to ask you, but I so adore your work, I was just skeptical if I would meet the bar!
        But I am so happy you asked me, I feel so good Man!

        Liked by 1 person

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