Morning thoughts.

Y’know, sometimes I wish there’s something called fate. It’s wishful thinking and everything that’s predetermined sounds like a dream come true because you’d know if you’d succeed or suck balls but we’re stuck in this partly predictable consequential mess of a world that has unpredictable outcomes.

Everything affects everything. Fuck y’all.

46 thoughts on “Morning thoughts.”

  1. Honestly your posts are like exercise to my brain muscles, few lines that I have to re read multiple times and every time I re read it, I realize something more to it. Your first line makes it sound like you don’t believe in fate but you want to, i ll definitely like to hear your take on coincidence then (:

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      1. yes they are definitely! You can either see it as a sincere compliment which it is (: or you can definitely see it as “ahh so this person has a low understanding level” haha, but that aside i can totally see you say fate is for the delusional and i agree life is consequential but for it to be consequential u need to choose, how often is an option a consequence. Never mind looks like i am high XD. Looking forward to reading more from you (:

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          1. Thank you (: i do agree what you choose will inevitably lead to a consequence but I don’t believe every choice is a result of a consequence. I think sometimes what you have to choose from has nothing to do with you as an individual but of course that choice you have taken will definitely make all the difference

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  2. My morning thoughts were “what to cook” “what all I should buy from the store” “are my kids prepared for their exams and classes” 😃

    We are stuck in a mess and everything affects everything. – Well written prince… Good morning 😀.

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  3. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes I wish I know the reason. Everything we believe affects everything that comes to us.
    So amazingly written Bharath!
    The last line speaks volumes.

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