What is normal but the feeling of comfort and relevance? You might tell me I’m wrong, say normal is something that’s acceptable and repeating; now tell me this, would you accept discomfort when it’s not needed? Would you tolerate if it’s irrelevant? Whatever happens is normal until you decide it isn’t. What is normal to you? Definitely not mine.

73 thoughts on “Normal.”

  1. Be ‘natural’ not ‘normal’
    Just keep walking the ‘natural’ way

    without difficulty
    for the most part
    out of necessity
    without concealment


    as it goes

    the natural way!?


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  2. I think normal is an ideal of this so called society we live in, more like a façade to hide the truth honestly I don’t know what normal is. Thank you for another thought provoking post (:

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  3. Some people seek discomfort at times. Maybe, because that’s their normal.
    Just like Nawazish said, definition of normal is unknown. A lot of other words are bound to our own perception of what they mean to us.

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  4. Definition of normal is unknown or idiopathic🤣🤣
    Everyone has their own normal. What may be normal to me isn’t normal to you or vice versa! Normalcy changes with time and place. Good work Bharath Rath Rath!😄😄

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