Dear writers

Writers are weird. I wonder why every one of them thinks it’s only a woman that feels pain.

She knew it, she did that, she hid this, she fought that

Don’t men feel a thing? Have our sensory organs numbed down? Why do you associate pain with a gender when it’s the same for everyone? Men are emotional, men know pain. Sometimes, it’s inexplicable. We deserve literature as much as women do.

Stop being a man. Stop siding with women.

207 thoughts on “Dear writers”

  1. My dad is extremely emotional. I ignore it. Usually, if a normal male cries or what not, I become confused and kind of want to leave. The exception is combat veterans. It’s like, wow, that really did suck. It’s expressed differently.

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      1. probably due to the experiences I’ve had with my dad. When my stepdad shows emotion, he paces with his arms crossed. I once punched my hand through a wall, and he paced for an hour and made it known, but he didn’t yell at me past when I was little and doing something bad. He’s never hurt me. I guess I look at him as more of a model or understanding of a male.


          1. I had to get a job, and I was being a brat about it. I wanted to play soccer. Teens don’t understand some things. Not only did I punch my hand through the wall, but I also cracked a line all along the wall of the basement. I’m in terrible shape now, but I used to be very strong. I didn’t get into fights in HS. I’m not a punk. I kept it in the back of the mind that I could crush a few people.

            I only bullied one person who was smarter and prettier than me because I was jealous and wanted her to be my best friend. I just took her on bicycle rides and up a lot of hills she struggled with. It took a long time for her to figure out that that was abuse. She was such a nice person. She had great parents, but they didn’t teach her to worry about the intentions of other people and that they could be bad. Too positive. We went to a lakehouse together, and she thought it was super rebellious that I kept her up all night. She had never stayed up through the night. She also, due to having a healthy, normal childhood did not always understand English class very well. I’m kind of mad at the school system for teaching certain things because most “normal” people won’t understand or be able to analyze or grow with them.

            I’ve got the trashcan covered. Walk through all the beer bottles to get mac and cheese.

            However, it goes against my nature and personality to punch someone or fight them. The last person who tried to fight me in the army just annoyed me. I used my foot to keep the door from opening. I let her rage go until she became tired.

            haha, enjoy the spam.

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            1. Getting a job isn’t easy, I know the struggle. I’m surprised I still got one.
              You must be pretty strong. Shape can be changed, right? Hit the gym!!
              Are you working now?? And abut that girl, you still talk to her? Everything okay between you two?
              You’re a vet?


            2. nah, she has a reputation to maintain. She’s a doctor. To me, she looked sheltered growing up. I sent her a nasty letter at 17, and I’m still mad at her parents over it. They had her attack me back, and she showed everyone. She knew better than that by then. Everyone saw me coming and going. She offered me a ride a few times. The reason she got the letter, if I remember, was because I was going mad/insane over the cold weather. I become aggressive. I used to get these red eyes and fevers. I will say though, that if you want to look eternally pretty, it brightens up a person’s look a lot. lol

              She did commend me on trying to avoid being worthless. “Many people would give up and become worthless!” Yeah, those people were smarter.

              I was in the army for three years.

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  2. Good thing there are many healthy ways of expression! Too often, boys are conditioned to believe that males are not allowed to be human and admit pain or seek help. This leads to men having bottled up pain, rage and violence. They often target the women in their lives.

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  3. I don’t know about writers😅 but I have always asked my guy friends to open up their emotions rather than acting like robots🤖 just cuz there’s a saying “mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota”🙄. Come on dude, u gotta act more like a hooman!!!(my words to my friends)😂

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  4. I hear you! And I hate that! Men (we, males. They’re vampires lol) cry in my books, they feel things deeply because why??? They have emotions, a brain, and feelings that can get hurt. I touch on the subject of masculinity so much because it’s restrictive. Expressing emotionally for men have been off the table for centuries. And I don’t want my son’s to think “I can’t cry or express myself because it’s not allowed.” I tell them all the time, it is okay to feel bad, cry and be sad. It’s alright.

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  5. That’s a fair point. Most of the classic literature was actually written for men and by man, but rarely with feelings, if you don’t count lust for power or sarcastic I am better than you type of smartness. I think only the Romantic era actually dealt with men’s feelings and suffering, so if you want to torture yourself, give Lord Byron a try.

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  6. Men probably struggle with their emotions more than women I say, simply because they are seen as the protectors and the dominant species therefore they have to be “tough, strong and fearless” this is a label that men have unfortunately been lumbered with since the beginning of time and because of this men don’t express themselves as much as they should.

    Perhaps if they did express themselves as much as women do then the two wouldn’t be compared when it comes to feelings because it would just be seen as normal. I say bravo to any man who is openly expressive about thoughts and feelings in the same way a woman would. If men keep this up it will be like a game of follow the leader eventually, more men will follow suit and this stigma of men having to be the tougher sex will be gone a buried. From a personal point of view equality is a winner, support for men emotionally just as much as a woman.

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      1. Well I have hope that one day there is….even if it isn’t in our lifetime. If we created society as it is now we learn from it and can create from those lessons for our future generations. Things have to evolve surely

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  7. The thing is real men has emotions that he tries to hide within himself and when you get an idea, nothing really compares to it.
    ( I don’t know what I wrote, but I think you understood what I’m trying to say🙈)

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        1. I didn’t know it existed until a friend of mine wished me on whatsapp later that day and by then, it was too late. Better late than never. 😛
          And what difference does having a day like that make? Bored people create days like these.

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          1. That’s true! I don’t see any point in Men’s day women’s day and latest addition Children’s day named after a politician’s bday. It’s frustrating to teach kids to write essay on children’s day

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            1. Brother’s Campfire is always looking for contributing authors. We do not pay, but the Brotherhood lasts a long time and you go home smelling like Campfire. The Colorado Department of Corrections needs Officers.

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