She showed me a balloon, said it personified freedom. I asked her “why?”, “it floats around, goes wherever it wishes to, that’s why.”

But a thread knot keeps it from deflating.

There’s no absolute freedom. It’s a myth. You are tied even when you’re free.

(Have I told you the air gradually decreases and balloon comes down?)

47 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. The saddest thing that can happen to a happy child with a balloon is that it flies away… 🎈
    Happened a lot of times with me when I was little. 😂
    However, I did it on purpose to see how far it goes. And, once I realised I’m not getting it back, I did feel sad.

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  2. This reminds me of something I learned in physics. The balloon will burst if it goes too high because the pressure in it will be more than the atmospheric pressure high up.

    I guess it dies then…

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