I wish I could be poetic or at least sound like it but my words betray me, they’re as rebellious as I am. I count seasons, search for reasons and mourn my existence in this callous, decaying flesh prison that I’m trapped in. I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me, you see. I become the creator, forging a world, destroying another; I close my eyes, they merge into one and I sleep.

58 thoughts on “Sleep

          1. 😂😂the choice is made … can’t help .. 😬
            I read this post so many times now Bharath, it’s awesome! There’s one more of my favorite, the one with drawers creaking .. it’s made a picture in my mind .. I can’t even describe in words 😬

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            1. Good … Nov and December somehow I will be disturbed only… health wise, my wheezing will be back, mentally ; my that year goals will not be done.. and my usual question of what am I doing in life haunts me 🙆‍♀️🙃

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