She turned towards her best friend who was in dire need of someone to help her out of the rut she’s in and said “why don’t you seek Prem’s help? He still loves you.”

“I humiliated him, rejected him multiple times, made a fuss out of nothing, slapped him and kicked him out of my house. But I don’t think I want him to waste his time on me because I love him too.”

What the fuck did I just hear?????? Is there anything you didn’t do to the guy???? Oh yeah! Rape! Now don’t get me started on what kind of desperate twat the guy is for still loving a woman like that.

I mean, drama is okay. What in the fucking hell was that?? Oh the standard of Indian soap opera! Let me just bang my head against the wall until I bleed to death. Don’t stop me, please! That brings me to another point, is this how we perceive love? Do we have to tolerate humiliation in its name? If holding on to something even if it hurts is your idea of love, plague take it. I’m out.

53 thoughts on “Dafuq!?”

      1. Once I tried convincing my mom to switch to web series and while I was in office she took out my tab and started with Mirzapur 😂. As soon as I came back home she started ranting..this kind of series you watch with so much gaali. I tried defending that look at the context but she is absolutely convinced that a series with such foul language must have a foul context.
        So now she mocks my taste and I her 😂😂

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