What you read isn’t my story; don’t try reading in between the lines. The words that tell my tales are struck off and horridly concealed. Every happy spell is contaminated by the knowledge of how fleeting such moments are and how life is spent trying to disentangle this contingency.

There’s no life on paper, neither does ink hide memories; there’s no use digging deeper, what I write is what you read, the history.

In collaboration with Anushka.

121 thoughts on “Words.”

  1. Why so goooooooooooood?

    Absolutely relating to everything that’s said.
    Everything we write about is history already. And we are no longer the same people after meeting some people, after some experiences good or bad.
    Noone can judge us on the basis of what we write.

    Collab more guys, you are brilliant together and individually as well👏

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            1. Bharath tumko pata, I saw a dream few days back, Mene dekha I am kidnapped.
              You know I am not scared of anything, but I am scared of being kidnapped. Hmesha see darti hu. To what I saw was someone came to courier something at our place and when I went out to receive, they kidnapped me. I heard the conversation where they were doing all plotting for my kidnap.

              Ajeeb sapne dekhte hu Mai 😂😂

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            2. Tum aise nhi baat Kar sakte apne student se😶😂😂
              Padai nhi karungi Varna😂

              Lol padna bhi mje h, natak bhi mere hi h.
              Good luck teacher.

              Abey so jao, fir nhi to neend me msg karoge, I mean comment 😂

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