Two sides and an answer

Why’s the world blue? Don’t we have enough? Every night I wonder, why does it have to be so big? Why can’t it be just next door? when I close my eyes, I hear questions with no answers. I see dreams with no definite ending. The world isn’t blue, it changes colours like skies. So many things go unnoticed, like a world beyond this world. Like the universe beyond the skies.

There is one way to know the value of something; let go. Like freedom. Why do you seize something and call it freedom? Isn’t it not wanting something that sets you free? Or is it the want? It’s a paradox. They say it’s not the destination, it’s the travel. Some believe it’s the destination which makes travel worthwhile. Having limits is disheartening, having no bounds is exhausting.

How exhausted must the skies be, for all the light, all the darkness, the winds and the storms. If the sky is one, why’s is different for everyone? If it’s not one but many, why is it the same everywhere? Either way, I see a slave to the routine or grave indifference.

Just as we are.

45 thoughts on “Two sides and an answer”

  1. hello my friend. The sky is blue for a reason…It’s the only color of light that is scattered more as it has shorter wavelenght… Yes we all live by our paradox ways. You always write on topics that is thought provoking. Good day:)

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  2. The sky is blue! It is! Blue depicts the symbol of infinity, the sky has its starting point where our eyes fail to see and end where our imagination will fail ! We are linked with the sky and its value of having infinite dreams and running behind them! And about freedom, you have written about it exceptionally❤🤘🏻.

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      1. Hawww… aisa baat bole tum. Itna dukh kar diye tum avi avi meko 🥺🥺🥺.
        Waise last month I have done small 3 day trip to hills so avi I am cool. But mera Valley of Flower trek fir se nai hoga 😭😭😭.
        You will also not be able to go on any trip 😎

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          1. Yup, but not me. I lost my friend, just a few days back. And only today I got to know about that.
            I can’t cry when I’m aching to, idk why.
            But emojis help me a lot..
            And this blog posts of yours. Its distracting me.. so thank you!🙂☺️

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            1. Yup, same here as well. Friend’s father, my paternal family.. all are in the grip of covid.
              I wish I could go back to those days when I ate a vada in the canteen with all of them, without the mask…🤷

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