Why doesn’t rain bring down the skies with it? For the love of the world? Or is it powerless?

“For god’s sake! shut your fucking mouth.”

I tell myself and stare at the sky, the wretched cloudy sky for this downpour early in the morning. An brisk walk was all I wanted. This is nature making me lazy on purpose. And suddenly, tea is a little less tastier, just because I’m annoyed. Then there’s power outage. They usually cut the power after the rain subsides but this time, they shut it early on. Going out for a walk after a downpour is dangerous, you can see neither the roads nor manholes.

A million mosquitoes sting my ass as I walk around the house. I hear thunder. I smell petrichor. Neither seem to ease my mind. Now I want donuts. Fuck.

Somebody stop this rain.

22 thoughts on “Wetness.”

  1. We had a wonderful rain last day. And I was starting to love it when an awful thunder accompanied it and Amma spoiled the whole mood and vibe, by closing allll the windows and all the damn doors..😂 she is very good in spoiling things (especially surprises and stuff)
    Ooohhh, I just remembered, my donuts are on their way..
    Want some??😋😏😂
    PS: I have had many stupid questions running in my mind like yours.!

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      1. She is not afraid of anything!😂
        But she is concerned of the “electronic gadgets” and all those Facebook posts that say..
        10 things you should do when it’s raining and lightning!😂🤣🤣
        Am really fed up with Facebook these days!!

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