Thoughts of summer

If you could choose, would you choose at all? What happened to the times when trees whispered our names? it’s been quiet lately, I see rocks but none seem to tell those tales. From the endless orchards to aimless mountains, the seasons have searched for you; like a child that hasn’t come home from the game. Blessed be the lips that pray, cursed be the hands that prey; wicked are those that may lead you away, astray. Is it home? Or is it the world? What follows the fall? If you could, would you choose at all?

66 thoughts on “Thoughts of summer”

  1. No I’m far too indecisive 😂
    So what happened with the work situation if you don’t mind me asking? Has it worked out?

    Random info of the day: they discovered a quantum material that did not have to be tampered with so to speak to be a quantum material
    I forgot the rest of the article :3

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      1. Aw man :c what are you thinking of doing?
        What do you even work as? (You can not answer its ok and if you’ve already answered before I’m sorry I’m really forgetful lmao)
        Damn it 😂

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          1. You gave me traumatic flashbacks. This just reminds me of my business material that I’ll never set my eyes upon ever again.
            Anyways, hoping it’ll all work out for you c:

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  2. wow Bharath,
    lots of meaning and ways to interpret this poem.
    Not choosing is choosing which is the way of so many.
    The world is upside down right now so it’s tough to even say when we are faced with the unfathoble.
    Well written and great food for thought!💖🙏🙏

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