Post breakfast stress disorder

I don’t care what’s for breakfast as long as there’s breakfast. No matter what happens to the world, I’m unbothered. So many books have been left half read, a few are still unread. I spend money on useless things and regret, I repeat the same mistake and act like I forget. Don’t ask me about the future, I don’t live in the past, all that matters is now and even that seems to be lost. I am not the best, neither am I the worst; I’m the mediocre. Let me grab some food.

I live the routine and it bores me to death. To bathe? Or not to bathe? Why should I? Who cares? I look for an exit again and again. Time reeks of stagnation; regrets outshine my past, the present agreeably non existent and future bleak. I keep myself afloat praying to drown in a jar of chips and a mini coke. I was never enough, not even for myself. They say mistakes maketh men.

I’m collaboration with yo yo Nawazish.

67 thoughts on “Post breakfast stress disorder”

  1. First para is Zi right? You read books ? 🧐

    Eating breakfast is a very important task I say 😅😅I care so much that my day depends on it ….and now I’m hungry ..
    coastal breakfast “neer dosa” tomm .. can’t wait

    Great collab you two … 🙌😊

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      1. Oh really … why did I think you don’t read books 😅😅or I got confused with Rashmi ? She doesn’t read many I think 🧐
        Neer dosa is a thin dosa made with rice … only rice nothing else… neeru means water .. since the dough is watery it’s called neer dosa

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      1. wow!!! I hope to come someday.. obvi i’m a light weight and can’t handle the heat… need a little mild. NEVER… looks good and like a lot of work and calories galore❣️

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      1. Letting go might be tough yet necessary sometimes and obsession with the future won’t help. All we have is now.
        “Sometimes it’s good to lose something, For it isn’t always meant to be a loss”

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