If only

The sun comes up, the sun goes down and the moon comes around and it goes on and on. There’s sweetness in the air and reflections in water; I sense life in trees and I begin to wonder


The sky is a jar of honey, dim and golden; like the peak of my youth when we played at high noon. Creamy clouds, nostalgic sands, the scent of summer; something to live, sometimes we can.

109 thoughts on “If only”

            1. Help me acquire the skills to resist the temptation for chocolates! People have got to know about this.. and have found a way to have me on their track!
              The case is bad isn’t it?😅

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      1. Heyooooo!!! I am doing good(except that I have more to study🥴😶😖) Wassup? How are you and your family?
        It’s been so long that I have opened wordpress and interacted with you all🥺😭😭.

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            1. Humari toh umar abhi baaki hai😎.
              But aap chitthi likhoge he kyun?🤔
              I mean, aap toh kisi aur universe mein travel kar rahe honge and apni philosophy ko aur deep karoge na? Unhi philosophical baaton ko likhke bhejna!!😌😎😏


            2. Idk clearly but I saw some unusual horror dream 2-3 days ago. Meine apne dost ko puri ramayana sunai aur woh bolta hai, tu isse ache se likh, mast wali horror story banegi😑😑. NEET ke liye pehle puri tarah prepare ho lun, baad mein unse deal karungi ki if they are allowed to come in my sapna or not!😂.
              Aap jaoge toh mujhe zyada mast wali cheezen padhne ko milengi, mein jaungi toh likhna toh bhul he jaaiye(mein dost banane mein busy rahungi😌😂)
              Har din toh hum mar he rahe hain, feelings, unsaid emotions, thoughts and guilt of sneaking and eating stuff🤝🏻🤪

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            3. I am in 12th rn!🥴😂😎. So andaza lag gaya hoga😩🥴🤝🏻.
              Ending philosophical nahi balki hum entrance exams ke preparation mein lage hue bachon ki dukh bhari daastan hain😖🙃

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            4. Aap log *lucky* the!😒😒. Hamare baare mein sochiye Zara, hamare toh wahi 2 saal gaye jisme hame mazze karne chahiye the🥴😭😭😭.
              Aur iske upar, cbse walon ko shanti nahi hai ki hame ab boards bhi 2 baar likhna hoga😒🙄🙄

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            5. Hamare seniors ka hua tha! Lucky pepulllll😭😭😭😭
              We drift apart,yes! Most friendships end right there- with promises of meeting some other day in life but, some friendships remain with you na? That is also a nice part na!👊🏻❤

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            6. I am in 12th(the fresh batch)🙃🙃. Isse andaza lag gaya hoga ki hum kis stithi se guzar rahe hain🥴. Aur rahi baat last lines ki, woh toh hum Competitive exams ke liye prepare karne wale mein aur mere doston ki dukh bhari daastan hai🙃🥴🥴

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            7. Okayy…wait WHATT🤯🤯🤯. Meine pehle line ko yeh samajh ke padha ki aapka 12th 2019 mein hua tha, but then I read it again😂😂😂😂.
              Aapki shakal se mujhe laga tha that you ate at the most 21-22

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            8. Aap he ne kaha tha ki aap *cough* *cough* buddhe ho gaye hain!🥺
              Mein toh aapse aapki tabiyat ke baare mein puch rahi thi, ek behen apne bhai se itna toh puch he sakti hai na?😏😎

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