Nothing new.

The highway never gets bored of me, evenings these days witness me there at a hotel, having a lonely sip of tea. I wish it rained on my way home so that I can stop by and stay out longer. When did summer pass? Is it June already? The petrol prices are up in the air but my pockets are empty so who cares? The streets I walk wear a new face everyday, the friends I’ve found yesterday aren’t around today. My bones tell me I’m old, my mind repeats what I’m told and I age in disgrace in the same place, like always.

67 thoughts on “Nothing new.”

            1. I’m sorry pal. I can’t!
              But your bones may help you get through to get one.. soon!
              Tell your bones you are not old!
              Cuz I don’t see any wrinkles or such in our profile pic.. oh wait.. who is that there?

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  1. What’s not new here, everytime you write you bring up something that we know but would never think of writing and you without spicing it or anything, say everything straight and suddenly it becomes my favorite.

    I don’t know why everything said here is so simple, something we all know but it makes a different impact when you write it out.

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