I know how it feels like, staring out the window, at the sky trying to enjoy the weather with a terrible headache. Nothing seems to ease your mind, not even food seems pleasing. You wait for a chill down your spine or something that gives you goosebumps. You see neither a goose nor a bump. Maybe bumps, but allergy bumps. Red and itchy. Trying to remember what you ate doesn’t help, your memory is cheating on you. Like that time you sat in the exam, trying to recollect what you read but all you hear is that godawful song you tried not to pay attention to. Is this how people feel like when they’re clueless? Talking too much to convince themselves they’re okay? Then suddenly, out of nowhere, your mind plays an embarrassing memory which you try to ignore, giving out an awkward smile. You’re conscious. I can’t believe there are two types of “being conscious”; One that tells you, and another you tell yourself. What am I getting to? It’s scorching out there, by the way.

48 thoughts on “Clueless.”

            1. aren’t friends supposed to advice you?
              doing our own thing is different and advising is different…they don’t force me..but yeah..advice

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