That awful toothpaste, the rough towels, unpressed clothes, stinky socks, those old shoes, the daily commute; Tasteless music, bland food and words unsaid;

Traffic, honking, the job you hate, headaches, pills and people.

Itโ€™s amazing what you can get used to.

74 thoughts on “Things”

            1. Not as tough as it seems. German and English are very similar, coz they derive from a common ancestor, and divided not before 400 A.D. So if you can speak English, which I’m sure you can, you can also learn German.

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            2. This is not really translatable, so Germans say it too, they also say “Aye aye Sir”๐Ÿ˜„We sometimes say “Zu Befehl, Kรคptn”, which is in the same sense

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            3. A very poetic language and no. 2 for rappers (after English) because it has so many rhymes. Listen to that: “Wir sind alle vier extrem labil, wir machen Musik ohne Anspruch, ohne Ziel, wir sind charakterlos, uns fehlt Profil, jaja, deine Mudda! Jede will uns gleich, wenn sie uns sieht, es ist der Teufel, der bei uns die Fรคden zieht, alles, was bei uns zรคhlt, ist der Profit – jaja, deine Mudda”

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