Voids and feelings

I peel the skin little by little, inch by inch until it hurts, until it bleeds. I rub the blood on the wall, throw the bits on the floor and stare at whatever. I’m lost. I hear voices from the voids within me. The scars of time make morbid melodies. A warmth consumes me from the inside, urging me to mourn, cursing me for life. All that burns is love, whatever’s left is mine and this is what I’ve known. We are shining bright tonight.

77 thoughts on “Voids and feelings”

            1. Oh my God no 😂 I’m very close to 5’8 I think. It’s not that tell but my classmates range from 4 sumn to 5’6 so I feel like a giant sometimes lmao

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            2. LMAO I didn’t mean it like that. Height with clothes is so annoying 🙄 the sleeves or the pants can sometimes be too short
              But I meant insecurity wise and how ppl make height to be such a big deal 😑

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