Together now

I have lived, I have loved; I have lived enough to know how fickle it is, that love. Like petals, I plucked those memories from the flowers of my past relationships. And days breeze past like leaves in autumn from the tree of life. There are puddles on the way and I leave no footprints; there is no home, neither a calling. So let’s build dreams together but Know this: one after another, they keep falling. They say hope is a bridge between the land and sky, one is for life, another is for when you die. In between are the other things and us, waiting for truth and wishing for a lie.

39 thoughts on “Together now”

  1. My dreams strewn together and the memories of a happy time where I was happy is a distant memory now! My happiness lied in my innocence during childhood and the love that I felt then, is the only memory of seeking true love! Ours dreams are shattered yet we see a new one, every single day!!
    I love the way you wrote❤ and I hope to write with the same emotions that you would have put!🥺😭😌

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