From mother’s womb to my father’s idea of home, I’ve lived, been loved, betrayed and manipulated and always sailing amid a storm. A thousand times I’ve thought of selling my soul to the devil, to know good from evil but I failed. Into the world, I was pushed, emotionally naked and physically vulnerable to predators pretending to be friends. I am educated and unskilled, leaned but lack knowledge and over-perform yet underachieve. I wear mediocrity to work and come back home with insecurities which push me into bed. A house of dreams built in the miracle street is an unrealistic dream and that’s everything I ever wanted. Dreams are real. There is hope lurking around the corners of every hour of this miserable existence and I vault over walls of falsities to avoid those.

And here we are:

Another day, another hour, more hopes and yet another tragedy.

41 thoughts on “Mediocrity”

      1. It’s heavy yeah
        PS: my keyboard is playing tricks quite a lot these days..😂
        Don’t you think “find” is missing..?
        But isn’t it right.. when you still find comfortability despite being uncomfortable, it tastes better than the other times when we stay inside the box..
        Do I make any sense?

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          1. Idk each family has it different but for the most part it starts with a morning prayer then visiting family members. The close family members give away money and everyone wears new or their best clothes.
            This eid particularly is also about giving away meat to like charity.


            1. Oh no there’s a prayer after fajir. Like the eid prayer. But yes it’s like eid el fatir except for the giving away meat part. Also the things we’re celebrating for are different. Especially for the ppl who do go Hajj in SA. Different things to do there :3

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            2. Makes sense. Had to explain bc I asked someone if they were fasting b4 eid or not and they mocked me for it bc Ramadan is long over 💀 didn’t realize we had two eids ig. Nope, it’s pricey. Especially with the pandemic not many ppl are allowed to go. I think they limited this year’s hajj to ppl living in SA only. Which sucks. Hopefully one day tho!

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            3. I thought it was cheaper and subsidised, where you’re from with too many people visiting, the fares and expenses must be low. Or at least that’s what I thought.


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