If I could write for you, what would I? I’d ride out on my bike into those highways crossing unknown faces through known places, not knowing where I’m headed to find something, something that awakens the romantic buried within but I’m too lazy and it’s sunny outside.

A long walk towards the sunset sounds tempting and apposite. How about a scoop of ice cream? Or a hot cup of tea? I bet it’s a fine evening. We care about everything or nothing like this time that’s incomprehensible yet lucid.

And then I’d think about the tales we tell, times the world just fell; the burgers, the fries and mayonnaise around my mouth. I think again: if you exist, who are you?

You never mattered.

64 thoughts on “Matters”

      1. but no! i didn’t even give him a kiss! i didn’t like him. after him, others did epic feats, sometimes to win me over and sometimes out of guilt.
        What comes out of guilt, however, no matter how exceptional a feat it may be, always has something less. 😉

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          1. Hmm. So. I’ll tell you the ones you can say (some you can’t). School trip, he climbs up the wall of the hotel for two floors and enters through the window, he sleeps on the floor, I sleep on the bed, but we hold hands tenderly all night long; I’m in the mountains in a difficult place to reach, another one he walks on trails in the woods for two days (he gets lost! ), when he arrives he is dehydrated, but I send him back down to the valley without even a kiss (I had my reasons); another one, ok, he beat up several people who were harassing me; another one, knowing that I was in Denmark in a not so nice situation, from Sicily he got into his car to take me back home (I am from Brescia, near Milan – from Sicily to Denmark are many kilometers, even on the way back they are many kilometers); another one offered me (I was very young) to take me to a place with his family helicopter (I refused! ); I told you about the bicycle; other things are more private, sorry 🙂

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            1. yes, I could write so many books, I started very early to venture into unusual situations (that’s an understatement), but I don’t like autobiography, I prefer to invent plots, characters, situations. But having experienced so many strange things helps to write even stranger things 😀

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            2. hahaha! Only slightly, my imagination still supports me well 😉 (in the blog I have the google translator, in the bottom purple part: I have 2 purple parts, one at the top and one at the bottom, in the middle there is the clear part where I write the text. But there is a problem, I use a very rich language and English unfortunately has a lot less words and in machine translation you lose a lot, I should find someone really good who can translate well, that’s what I’m doing with my novels, with the prospect of publishing them first in English and then in Italian … I know, it’s absurd, but what I write is really strange and it’s easier to do the opposite; we are a colony country and what comes from the US has more attention than what is produced here in Italy :-/ )

              Translated with (free version)

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