Something random.

I lit a box of matches, jumped in puddles and soiled my skin in gutters of mirth. It was just yesterday when I threw cake on their faces and ran down the stairs, laughing my ass off. And this morning, I can’t seem to get on my feet. Submerged in sheets, my dreams won’t let go of me. Indulgence, is what I call it, not being lazy.

And that was me drowning in nostalgia. You know it’s bullshit. Instagram is loaded with nonsensical videos, Y’know, judge me for this but I don’t like seeing dog videos, or cat videos. I don’t wanna see them eating, playing, shitting and fucking (I’m glad they don’t upload this). There are girls trying to be sexy, dancing to item numbers, not interested in them either. Then comes a guy chopping vegetables, dude! Why the fuck would you post that shit?

Do you have any idea how many Hindi melodies and English classics they’ve ruined trying to dance to them?? Fuck. Okay I’ll stop. As life moves forward, pictures of people with their kids pop up, others are getting married. Why do posts get stupider as people get older? I think I gotta judge myself here. I’m ancient. I’m from the fallen order.

Anyway, a life without stupid shit is a life wasted. Being a part of that shit is pure bliss, my friend. I think I should get back to videogame, I’m stuck on an impossible mission. I wonder why men aren’t dancing to songs in underpants.

Who am I to say anything, eh? (One of my aunts says Whatever she has to and ends with this rhetoric. I just tried.)

Life’s hard, I’m telling you.

108 thoughts on “Something random.”

  1. Thanks for sharing such an interesting topic with us, and it’s so beautiful that I smiled for a moment. Thanks for bringing smile on my face. Well I don’t ise facebook at all, I hate social media, not wordpress.

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  2. I can’t stop laughing 😂😂. You always have a different perspective to things Bharath. Its always great to know your thoughts. This one feels like a tight slap. I have such a bad habit of scrolling through the feeds and now I am feeling so stupid. And you are definitely ancient.

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  3. A showcase for all. But what really sells? What good is the best image you can give of yourself?
    Getting into the game of mirror images distracts from what?
    Does a bit of stardust solve problems?
    Maybe we should learn (I am also speaking for myself) to make better use of the tool and make it useful, helping us all a bit. 😎

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