Wayfarer – Feature/Masticadores

So here it is.

Often times I wonder what it’d be like, if we belonged to someone. The warmth of a bonfire heart, the tender bliss of one skin against another. How …

Wayfarer by Bharath Upendra

55 thoughts on “Wayfarer – Feature/Masticadores”

  1. Everything about it is beautiful… and now I am so jealous of your toenails. They are also beautiful. :)) Sand and air must make the best pedicure. :)) Congrats on the publication. This is wonderful. 🎉🙏🎉🙌


  2. Overestimated features😄Someone has to clean the toilets, get out the garbage, stand in queues, toil for money, stand the relatives of the other part…😄In my next life I’ll become a single-handed seven oceans sailor

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          1. That’s a reasonable approach to life🙂Yes, fireworks is great. But what also fascinates me is destroying buildings on the spot or remove old bombs from building sites (nearly 80 years after war we still walk on explosives here😄

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