The walls have nothing to hide. They don’t have anything to show either. I can’t see my hands but I know I’m looking at them. It’s warm in here, unlike the coldness they often attribute it to. Sweat wets my clothes and I lay there motionless on the ground. What’s there to look for here? … Continue reading

Raksha Bandhan.

To all those women who call men “brother” so that they don’t hit on them: Happy Raksha Bandhan !!! (Meh) And to everyone else: Well, happy Raksha Bandhan. What else do you expect? People who don’t know what Raksha Bandhan is, feel free to google it yourself.


Life to me is a boat that’s leaking; It’s always been that way. You sail into the waters and float until you drown. The water is all you got, the water is what keeps you afloat and the water is what drowns you. Destination is not where you reach; it is where you stop.


I’m a bottle in the ocean,Drifting afarUntil I sink; I’m a message that’s lost,In translation, on a paper that’s washed. I’m a voiceThat’s trapped inside a conch shell;Quiet yet present. I’m a destination without a pathAnd path without a direction. You see me but you don’t;You can touch me but you can’t;I am but I’m … Continue reading I


In this garden I walk; where the birds sing, fragrant flowers blossom and gargantuan trees dance in perfect synchrony. And butterflies added to the symphony. The birds were crows and I hate crows that sing; Floral fragrances are suffocating. I then realise, to feel butterflies in my stomach, I don’t have to swallow them.

“The stars shine for us”, we’ve been told, “there’s someone watching over”, and we’re sold. Then we grow up, realise these lies are centuries old. They say there’s an eternal fire burning within, is it the same fire that burns through your soul? Why is it too late by the time we realise hopes are … Continue reading