Strange, ain’t it? First you move away then you miss me; like you fast and complain you’re hungry. I have no questions, don’t worry, I give up quite faster than you do. My memory is as fickle as I am, even flaws come in handy sometimes. It’s good to miss, right? You know what you’ve … Continue reading Farewell

I’m fine!

It rained flowers that evening, filling our lungs with fragrance. Roads covered in colours like dreamland. Trees looked like cotton candy and grass tickled my feet. Oh this was the path I’ve always dreamt of, somewhere new, a place filled with love and hope. I fucking despise flowers And I’m glad dreams don’t come true.


Few sheep had run from the herd, vexed; for the seekers they were. Lost, confused and wandering, each in a different path; when were two thoughts alike? Wolves, they were to the pack, outlaws that reneged. And perish they shall of loneliness and despair, for the herd is all there is.

I’ve learned That there’s serenity in places what lead to nowhere; in questions that have no answers and answers that demand no questions. Don’t mistake it for ignorance, you, it is not. For I am free; free to make my own path, to seek answers and live to be a story.