What’s important??

So many movies, even more books, unending speeches from/of/by people tried to tell us that there's a meaning to the life we live. We're made to believe that the job we do, the food we eat, the friends we have and the house we live in are the results of good deeds we've done before... Continue Reading →


Agnostic thoughts.

If there's something I never understood, it's this: Gods and their formalities; people and their superstitions. Belief is never enough. Continuosly having to prove one's beliefs by doing things/rituals is sometimes tiring. Isn't praying proof enough?

Freedom of Expression Tag

Thanks Nameera, for this. This is something new to me since I never wrote anything on a topic given by others. This is my first try. Shoulder to shoulder, We sat together Exchanged books, shared desks We're friends, or That's what I thought But there you were, mocking me Scared to death, I had to... Continue Reading →


Well who thought I'd be eating raw veggies someday?? I despised eating any vegetable unless it's cooked. So IKEA opened it's store in my city yesterday and I got the passes to visit as it was open only to the employees and their family members on the first day. It's a sprawling five acre store... Continue Reading →


People often advise not to go with the crowd. Some want us to go with the crowd because most of them tasted success. What they don't get is the meaning of success is different for different people. We need to understand the fact that nothing is written in the stars, nothing is meant to be.... Continue Reading →

When I cook

Everything was ready. I minced onion with tears in my eyes, the oil is already in the frying pan and potatoes in the bowl are elegantly cut into little pieces. "I can do this." I said to myself. There went mustard, cumin, redgram and turmeric along with onions into the oil. A few seconds later... Continue Reading →

Burning bridges

From the edge it burns Every paper, taking turns All the ink on the paper, dark Gone to the flames Yes, that's my arc Raging smokes block my sight I'm getting rid of this tonight Ashes here, ashes there Is anyone there? Does anybody care? Consumed by fire, You perished, my dear; Here's to a... Continue Reading →


Him: Bone to bone, Skin to skin I'll let you win and take you in Sweat to sweat, breath to breath Head to head, toe to toe Nothing to hide, nothing to show Completely intertwined, Is what I call divine Soul to soul, Like fire and coal What's a life without sin? We're the monsters... Continue Reading →


Through the shatters of broken dreams, I emerge with a deafening scream; A million voices in my head, begging for a place serene. Everyone wears a mask, Every face, a disgrace; I wander around the world, Through hope and despair; I have a heart to mend, damaged beyond repair.


May my yesterday's morning Be your today's tomorrow Savour all the moments While I drown in sorrow Reckless as you are, Hopeless as I am, Ignoring what we were Never to meet again


Voices of people murmuring echoed throughout the hall. I just sat in my place, sipping coffee and looking at people. Most of the people were normal but tried hard to put on a frown. An occasional laughter, everybody's looking at you. The ambience is near perfect, waiters are polite and what's most impressive are the... Continue Reading →


Eyes. Our window to the world. We understand and respond to whatever happens around us mostly based on what we see. How do we see? Retina contains a large number of light sensitive cells called rod cells and cone cells. The rod cells respond to the intensity of light, while the cone cells respond to... Continue Reading →

A boring update

Somedays it feels like you're full of ideas, some nights your brain explodes. Then comes the time when there's absolutely nothing, mind goes blank. I've been trying to write something since two days but couldn't even jot down a sentence. I go here and there, meet a person or two, indulge in an interesting conversation... Continue Reading →

Mystery blogger award

Nominated by none other than the Bonne Fille herself, here I am with the: RULES: Put the award logo/image on your blog List the rules. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well Answer the questions you are asked Nominate... Continue Reading →


"Did you notice the order in which universe is created?? The right time, right place... Everything is perfect. Do you think all of this could hapen by itself? It's not possible unless someone created it and had an impeccable plan for it. What more proof do you need of god's existence?" I turned my head... Continue Reading →

Your grace!

Staggering through the crowd, Here I stumble This is your ground, I'm helpless and humbled In a life of endless hopes I search for a place to belong A refuge A thousand lamps sit before you A million prayers offered And your answers are due Confiding in you, I share my fears Confused and broken,... Continue Reading →

A small thing to start with

Superb infrastructure, lavish furniture, well educated and efficient employees and the best work practices. You name it, they had it. I walked inside the office a bit to see what else I missed. It's a place of worship. Hundreds of people visit everyday and offer their prayers to the lord. But the lord is helpless... Continue Reading →

Get to know me!?!

Thanks Jaya for the nomination! I'm gonna answer your questions now. 1. What does your Name Mean? I don't really know what it means, all I know is that it's the name of a king that once ruled our land. 2. Are you scared of height? Depends on how high I am. 😉 3. What... Continue Reading →

Ads! Grr!

An inaudible video featuring a middle aged, seemingly married woman lying in a bed showed up on the screen. The camera angle emphasized her breasts more than her face. I was indulged in a game, lost the round and I had to watch a video to revive. Who would've guessed ads were this bad? This... Continue Reading →

Thought update.

For the first time in months, no, maybe years, I took pencil and eraser out. A big white paper lay right in front of me waiting to get dirty. Though I'm not an artist of any sort, I enjoy art, specifically drawing and colouring. Everything was here but something was missing. When I was a... Continue Reading →

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