Fleeting thoughts.

Embers flew by slowly and the depth of the field grew denser revealing a nostalgic film running in my mind. As I zoomed in on the smoldering, I could feel my emotions buring with desire to desperately turn back time to relive those halcyon days I've spent. I could see myself running free with the … Continue reading Fleeting thoughts.



There's this question I get asked everytime someone knows I write a blog: Why do you write? And when I tell them because I want to, they reward me with a pokerface or sometimes an irritated expression as if they expected something more exciting and then, I mean, what motivates you?, to which my answer … Continue reading Rant.


What were your favourite things to do when you were ten? I loved watching cartoons, immersed myself in comics and spent an entire afternoon drawing superheroes with cousins. I collected G.I.Joe action figures and treasured them. The people around me taught me to respect elders no matter what. I was never profane to anyone, even … Continue reading Smoke