I wish I could be poetic or at least sound like it but my words betray me, they’re as rebellious as I am. I count seasons, search for reasons and mourn my existence in this callous, decaying flesh prison that I’m trapped in. I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me, … Continue reading Sleep

Morning thoughts.

Y’know, sometimes I wish there’s something called fate. It’s wishful thinking and everything that’s predetermined sounds like a dream come true because you’d know if you’d succeed or suck balls but we’re stuck in this partly predictable consequential mess of a world that has unpredictable outcomes. Everything affects everything. Fuck y’all.


Of course we’re all stars. We’re close from afar but there’s distance as you move closer; there’s heat radiating from all the emotional fusion and fission and we know we’ll break one day or another; imploding, creating a black hole. Everything falls apart. No light shall escape.