Lost story

Ours is a story written in the sands, gone with the wind and love, washed away by waves of suspicion. Whatever was left of the memories burned in altars of our minds and here we stand hanging on to fallacies. I’ve been there before, to that heartbreak shore, wetting my feet in the tides of … Continue reading Lost story

I’m foolish.

They keep telling me that I’m getting myself into shit, that I don’t know what can go wrong. Isn’t that what it’s all about though? I have to hurt myself to know pain, exposure builds immunity. I know I can be wrong, I know I can get hurt but damage is better than ignorance, don’t … Continue reading I’m foolish.


As much as I’d love to believe the sun shines for us and the moon personifies beauty, I know we’re deluded. A star that burns and a chunk of rock that steals light can’t inspire. Romanticism, that’s what literature has become. What is life but a celebration of perpetual vanity?

The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.

Rashmiiiiii I'm standing in your sunshine! I've done countless Sunshine blogger award posts and trust me, none of them could drive the darkness away. I thought I'd take a break from these but here I am, for the second time; only because you asked me to. Now don't punish me, I’m submitting the homework on … Continue reading The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.