If it were that easy to start over again, we wouldn’t be living this life how we live it; this way. Words are fancy. Life is hard. No matter what we do, what’s set to motion cannot be stopped. We can alter courses that’s all. So don’t talk about changing the past, don’t lament the…

It comes and goes.

I just don’t understand how the world works at all. I was jobless but happy then I was working and miserable. It’s only after I got out of college that I was interested in learning. I am surrounded yet I’m alone, they sat with me, ate with me and lived with me but not once…

Please don’t mind me.

I could use a pet, Y’know, for petting purposes not because I’m lonely neither do I have other intentions. Ugh! I can feel the sun splattered all over my dried up face, like a thousand needles piercing through my skin. There are pains that you hate and there are ones that make you feel good….


It went up and down; the road to me, appeared like a wave. I see people go about and I watch, like a tombstone at a grave. Sometimes I wish there was an epitaph engraved, on my forehead so people can read; what I was and what I could never be. The wind strokes my…


Creation is beautiful. To bring something to life, into existence is a pleasure that’s inexpressible. But what is creation without chaos? It’s a song without melody, a hymn without rhythm. It’s the metamorphosis that is mistaken to be creation, most of the time. There are questions that beg for an answer, which cannot exist for…


Life lies in the middle; from birth to death. What happens in between stays there, there’s no transcendence. Rights and wrongs, good and evil are man made and perceived. Good is either bad bound to a promise or bad is good without restraint. While we struggle being objective and subjective, purpose and meaning are created…

As it is.

My shoes are always hungry for my feet; I know my heart isn’t ready for the world at large. My feet lust for soil and hands, for mud and dirt. I could run up the mountain with sweat gushing down my forehead, I’m ready for the flesh wounds, not afraid to wipe that blood. I’m…


If I had money, I’d name a star after you. It’s relatively cheap, I know. I’d do it. If I had the money. I’m a poor lad, you see. Now I name every fucking star yours. I am crazy not dumb. Rich men name the stars but poor men own the skies. Fuck yeah.


I swallowed stars to water my dreams, I shrunk the skies & fit them in my eyes with hopes buried underneath. Grass and trees grow on my fertile skin and the sun burns within (me). I inhale and exhale storm winds; the climate, sometimes calm, sometimes pouring. Thoughts run wild and free, clouds are fleeting;…


“Because you love trouble” she said “You’d be nothing without them and your troubles are faithful to you. Even if you have the chance to choose peace, you always end up choosing trouble because it’s easier, more real, accessible. You’re used to it; no surprises, no relying on hope; And this shall pass until the…

Flappy bird

I am a caged bird. The door is always open, I don’t long for freedom and my wings are burdened by weights of broken dreams. I look at the skies and sing, I walk on the ground in the evenings. It’s the nights that trouble me; the question isn’t if I can fly, it’s where…


I’m the voice that fades, the farther you move; I’m the path that goes nowhere. I’m that fragrance that’s lost in the air, I’m a story that’s concealed in pretence. They say people come and go. I am the one that goes.

Whispers – collaboration

The wind has agreed to carry, my words in its liberal womb. We shall wake some trees from sleep and whisper songs beside the lonely tomb. Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrows. Do you hear me, o resting soul! This is my lullaby, my sleep has waned….


What do I mourn for? And whom? I do not cry for the dead, the lifeless, those at rest. Aren’t we effigies of our own thoughts, convictions and actions. My tears are for the ones living, those caught in between misery and ecstasy.


I walk on water with a candle in my hand. The candle doesn’t light my path, neither does it give me warmth. It’s a dark, dark world. The sweeping winds try to smother the littlest light I’ve got but we hold on. I walk towards the horizon; they say it’s where the world ends. Night…

That was just a dream

I wish I closed my eyes a little longer just to dream, to dive into the fantasies of subjective realities hiding under the subconscious. It scares me to death; what I see and I wake up to reality. I tell myself “that was just a dream”. Maybe reality is a dream and what I dream,…

Lush green

I got a basket full of sunshineAnd a bottle full of windI hid warmth in my palmsAnd winters in my heartI wait for you in the gardenOf fairies and hopeI have a heart full of wishesAnd a mellow soulIf you want meFind meWalking down the slope


It isn’t like what it was, it won’t be like how it is; these aren’t just days but life in layers, peeling off by itself one after another. Memories are a game of mind and nightmares are scars that haunt. We’re caught amidst the chaos of sleep and consciousness and nothing makes actual sense.


In a world where happiness is frowned upon, not celebrated; where sorrow is celebrated and not taken care of, In the cities ruled by tyrants, tyrants backed by cowards and cowards, fed by the greedy Where rebellion is suppressed, every voice, oppressed and freedom is for sale Those that live die Those who try, live…


It’s got me by my hair like a substance that filled the air; with magic and hypnotic hymns that got me dazed. Why’s there no one out there? I don’t see a reason anybody would care but don’t you need somebody who shares? Oh, beat it, life! I ain’t going anywhere. I limped across a…

I wonder

If I leave todayWould you see me tomorrow?If I arrived yesterdayWould you remember me today?If we don’t know each otherWould you meet me now?


They walked the guttersIn leather bootsThey skinned menTo make more bootsThey polished them in sweatColoured them with bloodSold them to other menTwice the priceHalf the size

Random thoughts

Religion exploits people. How? By promising heaven and hell. We are instructed to believe in certain things and behave in certain ways, which upon questioning give us prefixed answers. One of them being “believe and you’ll know”. The sole aim of any religion seems to ignite faith. What we fail to see is it’s burning…

Ode to 2020

I am sketching my life but my fingers ain’t graphite. I still try and the strokes are invisible to naked eye. I close my eyes and don’t have to think… Ode to 2020 She adds magic to mere words.


When I think of how much I think, I don’t think I think at all but when I think of not thinking, I realise I was thinking after all.

A place to be

Look where we have arrived; this place shines bright at night. They’re swimming in tears, tripping on guilt, these ailing bipeds and dancing to music of breaking hearts. “To glory” they say, the hedonists who reign their own worlds, going down the spiral of caprice and sin. Avarice had plagued them since long but look…

Fair share

I’ve been up, I’ve been down; the seesaw and the merry go round. I’ve been in, I’ve been out; I gazed at the lights and screamed out loud. “Let go” they said, “feel the rush”. Oh I know and I don’t care; life is a vanity fair. I see people, they sing and dance; I…


Is sexuality private or public? If holding a gay parade is pride, why aren’t straight people celebrating being straight? What’s so special about being a homosexual? I don’t see people having sex in public or publicising their sexuality. I don’t even understand why sexuality is celebrated. It’s personal. It can be public but in the…


Y’know what scares me? Real people suffering because of differing options and beliefs on fictional entities that remain unaffected by human interference. Are we that delusional? When I look at things, I know That United we fall and divided we stand. Look deeper and you’ll see everything is a mere belief; from The value of…

No dreams.

I had a dream. It saddens me when look back at the days when I dreamt of things. It’s even woeful what’s then now was now then. I don’t think I had a dream; I had many dreams. And I remember none.