The last kiss

People rushed out the cinema hall as if it was on fire and all the three lifts were full within seconds. Lifts are slow anyway, they always took the stairs for descent. Staircase is the only lonely place you can find in a mall. Everybody wants a faster way out, nobody has time for themselves.... Continue Reading →



There he sat on the river bank looking at trees and mountains that the water reflected. Boring job requires more energy than a tiresome one. He had nothing to do. Neither his superior nor his peers told him anything. The trees were dancing in the wind, the water flowed elegantly giving out blissful reflections. The... Continue Reading →

It’s her.

Not far from him was the only lit street light one could find. The light was enough to notice the badly laid speed breaker with stones sprouting out of it. Speeding without caution would result in a crash. He lowered his speed to avoid an ugly skid in the mud that spread across the road... Continue Reading →


Up and down his wrinkles, blood ran down his wrists. A stream dripped from finger nails as he clutched onto his walking stick harder, trying to take another step to the wash basin. Another step forward and he was on the floor, in a puddle that he coughed up. The skinny feet were now numb.... Continue Reading →


Never have I expected that we wouldn't meet on my birthday. My schedule was tight; college in the morning, dinner with family in the evening and a lunch with my classmates in between. Making time out for her was a responsibility I chose to ignore, knowing she'd understand. The day had passed and another. She... Continue Reading →


The papers floating in the air slowly dropped to the ground where the half opened notebooks lay. There were rough pen sketches on them, now almost torn apart. The kid could imagine those sketches come to life and leaving him once and for all for being a disappointment that he is. The notebooks can't fight... Continue Reading →


To the left were blinding lights, To the right, the exit and entrance. To the walls were electronic weighing scales. The crowd was unusual and looked to be in a hurry. Behind me were stairs, covered with red carpet, spiralling up. The indistinct chatter among the crowd made me nervous. I looked around unaware of... Continue Reading →

The Routine

Winters are ruthless. They get even worse when you're hurt. The mirror showed her blood oozing out of her upper lip. She sat on the chair with a depressing slouch and ran her finger over the blood, wiping it off in one go. She rubbed the blood on her thumb, spreading it on her index... Continue Reading →


Darkness loomed all over, nothing was visible. The window has no doors and leaves from the nearby trees flew in occasionally, falling on her face and arms. Being a light sleeper, a slight sound and a little light was enough to wake her up. It was neither hot nor cold that night. Power outage all... Continue Reading →

A final word.

"Standing on your mama's porch, you told me that you'd wait forever and when you held my hand, I knew that it was now or never.." she clasped her bag tight and leaned forward. "It's half past twelve and here I am, singing Bruce Springsteen's and you don't even try to bat an eye? Okay,... Continue Reading →

Lost love.

She took small bites of the ice cream, looking at it like it's gonna run away. Eyes this big, mouth this small. (This and that? Seriously? Believe me, it's the best I can describe). He thought. He watched her while she ate it slowly with precision. He couldn't help but stare at her, at her... Continue Reading →

Some kind of love.

It's been weeks since he spoke to her and when he received her message, his happiness knew no bounds. She has been trying to contact him for days but he kept her away. He cursed her. All because he couldn't see her be with someone else. But what's the meaning of love if you keep... Continue Reading →


"Please let me out! I've done nothing wrong. I got wife and kids!" He cried while they dragged him inside his cell. He kept screaming until he was tied to his bed. They locked him up and left. He looked at the stars through the ventilator. His wife waved at him while he walked to... Continue Reading →

A point of no return. Or maybe not!?

Nothing was audible. Vehicles moved too fast but time moved too slow. The constant honking wasn't loud enough to distract his slow stagger. Everything was half blurry and half clear. He slipped suddenly and fell but he could break his fall right on time, got up and looked around confused, unable to identify what he... Continue Reading →


She was tall, dark and intimidating. Like nothing could take her down. she visited Maggie every night, sat down on the bed beside her feet. Maggie was scared when she first met her. The dark woman seldom talked. All she did was sit there, with her mouth shut at stare at Maggie all night. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

One day at a time.

"I need this break up." She said, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She wiped them hastily forcing a smile on her lips. "I really need this." "Then why don't you just stop talking to me? It'll be a lot easier for you. Just get this over with." He yelled. "I need this break up... Continue Reading →

The old man.

Back in the day, he wasn't the strongest or the fastest, tallest or heaviest. He was just himself. He worked for the government, loved his job and his family. Even though he was from a different state and doesn't speak the native language, he was good at communicating and getting things done. It didn't take... Continue Reading →

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