Day 36, 365 Photography

Ah! My obsession with leaves and grass. 😜 I accidentally tossed my phone that left some serious scratches on my phone’s camera but it’s okay since I’ve got no issues with clarity and focus.

Day 29, 365 photography.

I love toys even though I’m in my twenties. There’s absolutely no reason to hate toys (unless they aren’t playable). When I was a kid, I used to collect G.I.Joe action figures, I had Flint, Barbeque, Boxing Boa, Tunnel rat and Deep Six. Later, I moved on to Batman, Superman, Robin and other DC action…

Day 28, 365 Photography.

Testing the focus and colour balance of my Redmi note LTE. It’s not perfect, but better than the other phones in its price range. That phone right there is one of the toughest phone in the Nokia Lumia series. It has been tossed around and thrown but there it rests only with a few scratches.

Day 26, 365 Photography.

What would you do if you found a doorway that leads to someplace nobody knows? Would you take a chance? This is one of my favourite pics taken on my mobile phone. I use a rather cheap mobile but the camera it has is laudable. It makes use of natural light effectively and gives a…

Day 25, 365 photography.

In this picture is Grace Anne on her birthday. She rarely poses for any photo and I had to make her stand for a few minutes to get a perfect picture. (Which I never did anyway)

Day 24, 365 photography.

Of all the fruits I hate the most, Plums top the list. I despise plums. Sure, they look good, tiny and cute. (Did I just say cute!?) They’re small, they have a seed and most importantly, they are sour. Sourness is something I can’t bear. How many of you like plums?

Day 23, 365 photography.

Though there’s not much to this photograph, it’s the focus that got my attention. The iphone camera has a wonderful focus and nothing can beat it in the mobile segment. You can see individual sticks, each focused equally blurring the background.

Day 22, 365 photography.

Black and white photos amuse me. They convey some kind of deep emotion which can’t be felt when you see a normal photo. In this picture, sits my cousin, staring at the hills and the fog. Even this photo is taken on the day I went on a hike last week. B/W photos show us…