Soaring above the clouds I see, A heavy downpour right below me The rain turns red Like the lies we’ve been fed I change my colour, From the great skies that now bled As I descend upon you My wings widespread Let’s fight to death, hit me with the truth I’m ready for it, you... Continue Reading →


Hey Listen!!

Minding my own business, I sat in the corner of the room while a guy from pest control did his job in silence. Just as I was about to leave, this pest guy who often wished me good morning wanted to have a word in private. He then walked steadily toward me and took a... Continue Reading →

The last kiss

People rushed out the cinema hall as if it was on fire and all the three lifts were full within seconds. Lifts are slow anyway, they always took the stairs for descent. Staircase is the only lonely place you can find in a mall. Everybody wants a faster way out, nobody has time for themselves.... Continue Reading →

Awesome blogger award.

Umm.. I've been nominated by her excellency Nameera because I'm not awesome, which is awesome. (Thanks bolun??) Ahem! (Nameera) This award was created by Maggie (Dreaming of Guatemala). This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way... Continue Reading →

Elder women

All the women gathered around the chef praising him for the delicious food. He's a distant relative so there are many topics to discuss over. A woman in her late fifties, probably his aunt, stepped forward and asked, "How're you doing? I heard you started your own business.. and what about kids? What are your... Continue Reading →


No matter what you see, you choose to be blind Say we're together but still leave me behind In a room full of people I bitterly hate I'm choking and gasping, With absolutely no one to relate All those nightmares were a walk in the park, now that I'm alone, facing the dark My loneliness... Continue Reading →

Three day lyrics challenge: Day 3

Now, I'm not a fan of EDM because it's basically repetitive but there are a few songs that I like because of their lyrics. I choose songs based on lyrics, not lyrics. So I have no idea who the best DJ is because I only know a few names like David Guetta, Tiesto and Deadmau5.... Continue Reading →

Three day lyrics challenge: Day 2

I don't know why people hate Nickelback. Sure, their music can sometimes sound monotonous but their lyrics are awesome. I love Chad Krueger's voice as much as I love Chester's. Today's lyrics are taken from the song 'How you remind me' by Nickelback. This song hit me right in the feels, see the lyrics and... Continue Reading →


I knew this day would come. In my heart, I knew this day of confrontation is nigh and yet I carried on. One guy was six feet tall and muscular and the other was hardly 5'4 and obese. They sat behind the table and on it were files and paper weights. The tall guy stared... Continue Reading →

Three day lyrics challenge: Day one.

Ahem! I'm back with another challenge. Aqsa nominates me for this challenge, thank you, ma'am. (Shukriya beti 😜) Rules. 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Share some of your favoritesong lyrics for three days 3. Nominate three more bloggers each day. Lyrics: In every loss, in every lie; In every truth that you'd... Continue Reading →

Thought for the day/night

The word impossible itself says 'I'm possible' ?? No it doesn't. Impossible means impossible because it's missing an apostrophe. Positivity doesn't always help. Try to look at the other side and save yourself from the trouble. Balanced perspectives, people!!

Caught in the act.

Surrounded by fifty people in a room is suffocating. Benches in the front were never my first choice as they directly exposed me to the lecturer. I'm a calm guy who minds his own business and to do that, I need to sit in that last bench where noone notices you. The first three benches... Continue Reading →


What if we discover there's intelligent life on another planet and they have their own God (or god's)?? Which religion are we gonna promote? How can we convert them? Or are we gonna follow theirs? Is there a possibility of another crusade? Is the belief in God strengthened or weakened? God made them all? Or... Continue Reading →


His skull cracked as the car hit him at 80kmph. Up in the air, saliva mixed with blood spilled all over the road as he dashed right into the ground. A sharp shreik echoed in the air but no one seemed to care. Vehicles passed but not one stopped. His rib cage pierced through the... Continue Reading →


The sea is now calm Tides, gentle Time to set sail, I am the captain As the wind takes me forward, I transcend the memories and past There are adventures waiting New things to discover There's rush, I row nice and slow Got people to meet and places to go No crew, sails set loose... Continue Reading →

Non vegetarian burger.

The cheese oozed out in between the buns. Patty was perfect with cabbage, onions tomato garnish. Burgers were never this tasty. Mayonnaise is all over his mouth and licking it felt heavenly. His side of the table was filled with spilled cheese and ketchup. When you close your eyes while taking a bite, we can... Continue Reading →

You, me and the night.

Looking at the stars, we wonder How is this possible? This is a warm winter. Your hair flowing over my face The moon envies your grace My hand is in yours, I stare at you kissing my fingers The sky is our canvas, Stars are the dots, Connect them, my love, It is the map... Continue Reading →

Bad interview

Interactions with orthodox people is mentally tiring. I'd run a few miles in the sun without shoes instead. One fateful morning, this bald orthodox guy with an irregular beard and grim face was interviewing me for a minor position in his company. I was instructed to be calm and controlled as he was an acquaintance... Continue Reading →

The long wait

"Be there by ten" She said and hung up then I rush to the place, Like I'm in a race A hundred people sit there waiting for their turn The manager hasn't come and we can't return "It's to test your patience" a guy tells me We're waiting for someone we can't wait to see... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award.

A nomination! Whoa! I've been nominated for Liebster before, maybe a year ago. It's always a pleasure to be nominated. The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who they think need encouragement and recognition? Now who doesn't need encouragement? I could really use some. The rules for the 2018 Award... Continue Reading →

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