Carry me in your hands / Carry me on your shoulders; in the summer to the sands of time to wash these wounds of mine. I open my eye to a wrinkle in the sky, I’m hanging on to you and the memories of a scarred mind. How far is now? How soon is tomorrow?…

Of tombs and dreams

The fool thinks the sky is his home; Makes no sense when he says dreams give him wings. “Tonight I fly again” he bellowed “I close my eyes, and I fly. Away from you, away from living, away from the lands of barren dreams.” Those Soaked in blood, burning alive in the pyre of their…


They say art stems from suffering, suffering gives life a meaning and They suffered the pain of their illusions; I paint my skin with the eternal pain of life itself.

Tell me..

Sometimes I feel Like Life is a dream And what I dream Is what I live. Opening my eyes to fantasy, Closing my eyes to reality, Tell me, my friend, Is certainty the new fallacy?

Ah, yes. You.

You are that road far away Amidst the wilderness Through the skies, reflecting In the lakes You are a canvas that I paint Adding colours To my gray Like the heat of summer, Against the cold scathe I see you, in the weather And I fall, like the rain