If only

The sun comes up, the sun goes down and the moon comes around and it goes on and on. There’s sweetness in the air and reflections in water; I sense life in trees and I begin to wonder If The sky is a jar of honey, dim and golden; like the peak of my youth…

O simpleton

Keep digging, goDeeper and one day youMay find that oreOf native gold; your doorTo fortune and the worldYour soul is soldTo those glittering lights, thoseHysterical nights and lies someoneHas told. Treasures are people you knowAnd those you don’t; treasure is pleasuresOf youthAnd wisdom when you’re old. But keep digging, only then shall youBe wise, old…


It felt like love and We said we were old enough; When we knew it was love, We were kids again.

Is that you?

I still see you On the swing, laughing hard Moving slow When I look out the window; Could it be untrue? I notice the leaves that fall, Trees covered in snow, The older I grow; This wrinkly skin knows Your touch was that of God, Healing my soul, In the hot summer strolls.

Too young to stay away Too old to bear the pain Too blind to see things change Too dead to live again

I’m the hourglass, You’re the sand Filling me up When I’m upside down Together baby, We’re the time Fragile yet immortal