Walk away. I’ve got nothing to offer; not even kind words. Look around, look at you, look at me. What do we have in common? Nothing that you can see or perceive. For me, what makes you happy is a dream. What you dread is a wound that doesn’t heal. Walk your way, I’ll walk…


The great grief floods my insides; I drown, suffocate, lose my breath and now I know; I’m alive.


The lights are out and I’m home alone; got no plans tonight. No idea what day of the week it is but I know that it’s night. Don’t ask me about the time, I don’t care if the clock still chimes. What’s on the menu for dinner? “Your infamies” cries out a voice. They’re home;…

You and I

You were like recess during school day; Like summer vacation and park bench; Anyway, darling, this isn’t about you Who were always present at some point, It’s me, always alone in company.

Good morning.

She wove the wool like braids for her hair; she tied it to my hand, couldn’t help but stare. Her breath smelt like fresh mints, the one people chew after they smoke. She tied it so hard, it reminded me of all the times I was constipated. Is this real? Or is this all inside…

Single. ;)

I lived with people I loved alone I talked to people I’m still a stone