Books ain’t holy, lies ain’t ugly, oh! Have I told you? The truth ain’t pretty. I’d look your god in the eye, I’m telling you, faith is a crime that’s petty. You think there’s life after life and no death in the afterlife; what do you look for? The end of darkness? A sign of…

I walk alone.

Since when did writing get so easy? I asked myself for days, penning down thoughts, explicitly expressing the inexpressible. Days under the roof and nights under the stars were barely enough to scratch the surface of my mind; the depths remain unexplored and emotions, uncanny. I admit, I was crazy enough to talk to walls,…


For every time I said I don’t believe, Let me tell you, there was a time when I had nothing but that. You can only lose what you always had. What you don’t is what you won’t.

I’m just curious.

They say God created everything; the trees, water, mountains, creeks, insects, animals and hell, whatever that exists. A few days ago, I saw a dog and a cow sitting next to each other in peace. I wondered: Why the fuck aren’t they racist?? Why is it only us?? If god created them, to which religion…

What rules you?

There was a time when God inspired hope. Now, he’s nothing more than a scapegoat. This begs the question, who created whom?Because today, what rule us are neither God nor his teachings But religion, people and their preaching. I say, enough with the Tartuffery.


We all have a strong desire to have a sense of belonging. Humans are social animals, we live in groups and a place here groups coexist is called a society. Belonging to a society is okay, being a part of community in a society is great too; identifying ourselves as a part of a group…

Just another conversation

“To travel the spiritual path, you must begin searching for a light within yourself. A desire to learn, a desire to conquer self. What I see in you is darkness; walk towards light. Embrace the reality, the world has more to offer. The lord has a lot in store for you. ” And he turned…

If you’re afraid of going to hell You don’t deserve to die; If you’re longing for heaven, You don’t deserve to live.

Assumptions on beliefs.

“you know too much and that led to your disbelief.” She said. I don’t know too much but I know enough to not believe in a supernatural, omniscient and omnipotent entity called god. Been a believer for twenty five years of my life without questioning, just nodding. There was a time when I frequented temples…

Or an Atheist.

I realize what I see I believe in what I say I sing blasphemy I write my own fate I am my own god Call me a heathen


In a world filled with stars In a galaxy full of worlds I wander As an insignificant speck of dust I look at the sun, in daylight Under the dark sky And moonlight, I wonder Why do we talk to stones? Believe in an existence, unknown? What is sin? What is just? What are morals?…


I walked barefoot In your dunes I prayed for an oasis You blessed me with a mirage

You believe in God, I believe in people For you, it’s a miracle To me, life is strange You believe in destiny, I made you mine The day you left Was the day I wished God existed