I walk alone.

Since when did writing get so easy? I asked myself for days, penning down thoughts, explicitly expressing the inexpressible. Days under the roof and nights under the stars were barely enough to scratch the surface of my mind; the depths remain unexplored and emotions, uncanny. I admit, I was crazy enough to talk to walls,…


For every time I said I don’t believe, Let me tell you, there was a time when I had nothing but that. You can only lose what you always had. What you don’t is what you won’t.

Life as I know it.

I lived a pious life, I desired to sin; I lived a sinful life, I craved for heaven; I lost in every step I was told to win; I won a few hearts and broke them, even; My friend, This is what life has been. A treacherous journey yet to end.


I walked barefoot In your dunes I prayed for an oasis You blessed me with a mirage