Begin again. – collaboration

I’ve felt moments embody eternities, posing to be forever. I’ve had forevers, fast and fickle. There were times when The slightest of touch echoed deep within. There were touches that stopped time and then there were lives that ended, Only to begin again. In collaboration with Anushka.


Life to me is a boat that’s leaking; It’s always been that way. You sail into the waters and float until you drown. The water is all you got, the water is what keeps you afloat and the water is what drowns you. Destination is not where you reach; it is where you stop.


You ask me why I lay here all day, staring into nothingness ? ‘Cuz darling, when everything you believed in loses its meaning, your bleeding heart and shattered faith tell you that this is the closest you can get to dying before you go out and the cycle repeats. It’s a beginning and an ending…

Happy new year 2020!!

To everyone who was with me throughout 2019, thank you for making my life better and worse. To everyone who wasn’t and isn’t, I don’t give a flying fuck. To the rest of the people, Happy Freaking New Year!!! We all know it’s gonna be the same anyway but why lose hope? Fool your hearts,…


Every love story Is true Until it lasts.


Life is a book, you say? You turn the pages Searching for the perfect end I do the same Hoping to begin again


You know what’s worse? Silence when I need a voice Lonliness when I dread silence How do I make things better? By listening to myself And loving my own presence There’s this lesson I’ve learned the hard way: If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. All these days, I valued myself based on how…