I’ve always imagined myself to be good but when I realised the expanse of ‘good’, it had become more evil than it’s supposed to be; The nonexistence of existing convictions left a void that no fabricated morals could fill. A restless search for meaning that began with a disquiet in my heart left me stranded … Continue reading Goodness!

Dear you

If I took your name, would it save me from shame? My sins laugh at me when I kneel and pray. When convictions suppress conscience, the only solace is faith. Tell me, what sanctifies you? I try to understand and fail. Sometimes, existence is belief and I choose to disbelieve. My wrong questions, their right … Continue reading Dear you

“The stars shine for us”, we’ve been told, “there’s someone watching over”, and we’re sold. Then we grow up, realise these lies are centuries old. They say there’s an eternal fire burning within, is it the same fire that burns through your soul? Why is it too late by the time we realise hopes are … Continue reading


When an individual believes in something, it's faith. When a group believes in the same thing, it's a cult. When a cult infects the masses, it's religion. You choose what you believe in, You choose your religion. It doesn't always have to be God.