Killing time.

Here you go, sister. This is what I did when I was in class ever since I was a child. My notebooks were full of sketches instead of notes and homework. Even back in college, sitting in the last bench, lost in my own world, sketching whatever comes to my mind. I still sketch when … Continue reading Killing time.

Liebster award.

Yet another liebster, guys! I’ve been nominated by Anushka this time. Tell me something girl, how’re you so positive in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for? I’m fallin’. Your questions are so simple, they’re complicated to me. Let’s start, shall we?? 1.When and how did you … Continue reading Liebster award.

I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,I wish it were a reality,But we both knew it wouldn't last. You broke my wings,I hid my plight,But I never hinderedYour will to fly; There’s no way your words will lead meBack into that path,I set you free, then,For if we're meant to be, we shall meet … Continue reading