Dark blues.

Echoing throughout these walls, I hear; in this emptiness I see, those long lost years, the newfound fears and abuse. We hold hands, we aren’t together, we say things but barely talk to each other. There’s no forgiveness surrounding us; there are no memories, only nightmares and tremors. All those nights blanketed by the stars,…

Flappy bird

I am a caged bird. The door is always open, I don’t long for freedom and my wings are burdened by weights of broken dreams. I look at the skies and sing, I walk on the ground in the evenings. It’s the nights that trouble me; the question isn’t if I can fly, it’s where…

Tolerance – collaboration

You say you like pain, addicted even. Does tolerance come that easy? If it did, why are we even alive? You say you feel pain everyday, that it’s killing you; but what if I tell you that it’s pain that keeps you alive, pull you away from death, stops you at the brink? You say…

Broken things – collaboration

She had a thing for everything broken. Believed broken things had better stories to tell and treasured them all. Bits and pieces of broken bangles, Cute little charms from a broken bracelet, Her grandpa’s broken vintage radio, Her father’s broken watch and as she grew up, Broken hearts! Time has passed and broken hearts left…


Everything’s gonna be alright. What an illusion! A hope inspiring lie! But why? I walk the same road I was on twelve years ago, in shoes that bared my toes. The boots are now strong and the story is too long, unfit to be a song. My shoulders that were once free now carry the…


I should’ve been there. I know. It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. The pavement that I sit on isn’t cozy, Y’know.. my face rests in my palms, I’m restless. The stillness of this moment has me perturbed. I…

Things unsaid – collab

You don’t know how to say goodbye but it’s there, in your gut; it never lies. The full weight of unspoken goodbyes hits you you like a mysterious, untraceable absence; an emptiness that theorizes fullness, a blackness that balances a world full of colour. Sometimes I wish I knew, sometimes I hope I don’t and…


‘Tis an unfair world, what do you know? Even broken hearts crave perfect melodies.

Hawa aane do.

I packed my bags, tossed them out the door. They’re yours now. Take ‘em and fuck off. (Don’t expect things to rhyme every time)

Sinful heart

Through the crevices of my broken heart leaks a dim light, the fleeting moments of joy; A Crimson world manifested by my bleeding eyes.


Broken crayons still colour. What about the burning ones? Are they still crayons? They’re melting away, lady. Fuck the shade, They’re out of shape.

W h y ?

Why do you call yourself broken? Why do you seek sympathy? When you’re the cause And yours is the effect? Why do you say you’re strong? Why do you call them weak? All you have is pride Even when you’re down.


There’s no beauty in brokenness. Ever seen a broken glass Put together again? Ever seen a broken heart Love somebody the same? Change is inevitable, darling; Nothing stays like it was before; Whatever does is an illness, needing a cure.


I’m a broken glass, baby I’ve got cracks, Not glitter.

In plain sight.

I was the truth that You wish, stayed hidden; I am a lie That you hide but can’t escape from.


If I had a heart, I’d lose it to you; If I had a soul, I know who it’d choose; If I had feelings gushing through, I’d call it love But I wouldn’t know what to do. ‘Coz darling I’m a fallen feather; Fleeting around, never settling down.


Isn’t it strange When you want to shout aloud In the crowd but you can’t And when you’re alone, you won’t? Isn’t it strange When we know what we want And what we want Isn’t what wants us? So say Fuck you and move on


If my greatest fear is losing you, Then my biggest weakness Would be having you.

I’ll make it right.

My hands are on your necklace Your breath has got me breathless Do you notice my tears?? And the smile that hides my fears? I really love that hairspray I’m gonna miss that mischief Can’t we just be nice? Why do we have to sacrifice? I see that mascara, the smudges We’re hanging on to…


A light leaks Through the cracks Of my broken heart There’s blood spilled On the ground I got no scars I see a trail left behind Haven’t come far

Silver lining.

You promised me life; All I got is a story. The tale might be unfinished But the book sure is.


“Here lies the man broken by His dreams” Said the stone as I passed by He lived with the world, Now he sleeps alone No dried flowers on his side And nobody to mourn What do you live by? I think as I smoke A warmth fills my heart And I escape the cold With…


Falling stars, ungranted wishes Empty words, broken promises All that love unrequited No guilt that’s confessed Scars hidden in plain sight Blood camouflaged Tears in the eyes Living our lives Dead inside

The End.

For a lifetime, you say, In that lie, I lay Dreaming of the day I’d fly Never realizing There exists no sky No roads to converge Neither a divide You might be the sun, But baby I’m the night


Chained by life, Freed by dreams This isn’t what I wrote But a silent scream Scarred is this paper So are my beliefs


“Do you know what it’s like when we see you walking home drunk?” He said, clenching his fists, containing his fury, trying to stay composed as tears swept his face. “I’ve been living like a stranger in my own house for more than twenty years now, kid. Let that sink in.” Said the father, collapsing…


I hurt you, because I didn’t want to I loved you, because I don’t have to I chased you, because I can’t stand you I lost you, because I always loved you

Just see

There’s this trap, you see When you fall, Can’t snap out of it, All those comforting words Do nothing but mislead Why do you look elsewhere When I wait for you right here? Why are you blown away By someone who was never there? When the sweetness wears off, my dear I’m scared you’ll be…


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby